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The Purity Academy is the winner of the most prestigious Vienna Popularity Award for the year 2016

About Us

The Purity Academy of Esthetics and Cosmetology is a representative of York University and the Faculty of Medical Cosmetics for Europe. In addition to three-year and four-year undergraduate degrees in Esthetics and Cosmetology, Makeup Artistry, and Wellness and Spa Therapy, the Purity Academy offers over 50 professional training courses and specializations. The Purity Academy issues training courses certificates which guarantee expertise and are approved in Serbia by the decision of the Ministry of Education No 1388/15. They are internationally recognized and licensed by the American York University and are valid in every country. After completing esthetics and cosmetology, makeup artistry, and wellness and spa therapy undergraduate programs, candidates earn a three-year bachelor degree from the prestigious American York University and the Israeli Faculty of Medical Cosmetics, Tel Aviv. After the third year, students may enroll in the fourth year of specialized study

Modern Education

In modern society, there is an increased demand for new jobs, which presents a serious challenge to the educational system. The Purity Academy of Esthetics and Cosmetology in Belgrade is ready to respond to these challenges. Combining the concept of modern, American educational system and Israeli tradition and expertise, the Purity Academy provides education for most careers in the field of beauty care and esthetics.

Life on the academy

Imagine that instead in a library you study for your future profession in a beauty salon, spa, or a fitness center. Imagine that you learn in your core courses only what you need to help you prepare for your future career. It is high time you stopped imagining and enrolled for Esthetician-Cosmetician, Makeup Artist, Wellness and Spa Therapists, or Assistant Stylist Programs. You need to know how to nurture a woman professionally. The website www.kozmetika.edu.rs provides information on how the Academy of Esthetics and Cosmetology teaches students to be successful entrepreneurs by establishing themselves as well-known beauticians. Presently, there is a huge demand for trained and qualified beauticians in the labor market.  Despite living in a time of great crisis, people still care about their health and cultural life. The market itself has become hungry for qualified personnel, especially in Serbia and the Balkans, where young girls prepare for a job interview in beauty salons or gyms rather than in libraries. Fortunately, there is the Purity Academy of Esthetics and Cosmetology, a highly specialized educational institution for trained estheticians, cosmetologists, makeup artists, and wellness and spa therapists, that produces a completely new group of young artisans educated in a modern and specific manner.

Working in Serbia and aboard

In addition to education, The Purity Academy of Esthetics and Cosmetology offers employment opportunities in Serbia and worldwide and mediates between its graduates and employers in the labor market. The Academy also helps all graduates to start their own business. If you want to professionally deal with beauty and esthetics, and want an occupation that will always be needed and paid well, then hurry up, the enrollment for all fields of study is open until the seats fill up. For further information contact us at 011-2420337 or follow us on Facebook.

Our academy and Art

The Purity Academy of Esthetics and Cosmetology provides makeup services to the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade on the basis of the signed bilateral protocol on cooperation. Students of makeup artistry and professors who lead the courses provide support to the development of Dramatic Arts in Serbia. The Academy will be engaged in several films, 30 short films and 10 plays. For this purpose, the Academy will use NYX professional makeup cosmetics that are usually used in Hollywood, along with Hollywood CITYCOLOR and Flormar cosmetics, since it has proved to be the highest quality makeup for film and stage. Twenty elements of beauty care will make you the most competitive beauty expert in your geographical region. By combining medicine, arts, crafts and a multitude of practical training provided by the Academy, you will gain confidence in yourself and your skills which will enable you to master the market.

Esthetician-Beautician Program is the most comprehensive in the field of beauty care and health care. This profession has attracted considerable interest since the cosmetic industry occupies the third place in the world capital turnover and is the highest-paying profession for both women and men. Today, in Serbia and the former-Yugoslav republics, there are almost no unemployed estheticians and beauticians. There is a large demand for these occupations. This course covers all twenty elements of beauty care, making it absolutely different from all other similar courses and programs in Southeast Europe.

Film and Special Effects Makeup Program course is an advanced course and is part of course studies in Makeup Artist which has been studied at the Academy for 5 years. Any professional with prior makeup knowledge can attend the course separately, within the training course for professional makeup artists. Film and special effects makeup are used to create an illusion of injuries, diseases, and deformities or to create an entire makeup mask to make an actor look older, to changed his sex characteristics, or give him another character. The film and special effects makeup course consists of 52 hours. All participants attending film and special effects makeup course are given an opportunity to work on some of the most important projects in film and television production. The cooperation with production companies such as Emotion and In Production along with the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade provide our students with an opportunity to engage in projects such as various TV series, including Open Doors, Emergency Center, The Mitic Family, The Heart of the Anesthesia, Your Face Sounds Familiar and put these projects in their portfolio during their studies. Film makeup course is taught by Professor Dragoljub Jeremić, who is known for his work on films such as Nebska udica and Čarlston za Ognjenku, and other theater performances in almost all Belgrade theaters. Special effects makeup is taught by Professor Miroslav Lakobrija, an internationally recognized expert in this field. Behind the quality of each program of study at the Purity Academy of Esthetics and Cosmetology stands York University, California (USA). After completion of the course, the students earn an internationally recognized certificate of the Purity Academy and are awarded a certificate accompanying points for obtaining a York University Bachelor degree.

Advanced courses

If a student decides to enroll in the Makeup Artist course, after completion of the course, the student will be given a certificate of having passed the examination and the tuition fees will be reduce in the amount of this course. The Stage Makeup course offered by the Purity Academy is an advanced course for professional makeup artists and is part of the Makeup Artistry program of study. It is designed for makeup artists who pursue a career in fashion, television, theater as well as for those who need the perfect stage makeup: singers, actors, dancers, TV presenters, sliders, etc. The material for the work was provided, and each participant of our courses gets a discount when purchasing makeup, brushes, or suitcases through the Purity Academy. Students and professors of the Purity Academy have recently participated in a humanitarian fashion show, which is traditionally organized by the Embassy of Malaysia in Belgrade. They did full makeup and hairdressing to the Pink’s stars, for Miss Serbia, Hello Award and many other television and public gatherings. The American Journal “Makeup Magazine” ranked the Purity Academy of Esthetics and Cosmetology among the top ten makeup schools in the world.


Owing to good equipment, the lecture classroom at the Purity Academy enables high quality teaching. The classroom has a large number of computers that enables effective teaching, delivering certain presentations; work with computer programs at more than 50 working posts. Teaching anatomy, physiology, pathology, nutrition, and dermatology is held in the lecture classroom, including drawing and painting, photography and filmography. In addition to the computers, there are other necessary technical conditions and teaching aids in the classroom, which help teachers to teach effectively and students to better understand course content.

Experts in medical cosmetics and students use the Purity cosmetics manufactured using nanomaterials. The classroom has cosmetic beds and chairs, sterilizers, cosmetics, lenses and lamps, masks, laser skin resurfacing devices, microdermabrasion machines, PRP treatments, fillers, mesothreads treatments, treatments or cocktails and other necessary devices and cosmetic products. Teaching medical cosmetology, cosmetic rejuvenation, cosmetic diagnosis, and cosmetic dermatology is held in this classroom.

Stage makeup classroom enables studying beauty and stage makeup according to high standards. The classroom is equipped with special mirrors, work surfaces, high-quality lights, chairs, and all other necessary makeup and materials for teaching. The classroom is esthetically arranged to demonstrate how a makeup room of this type should look like. Stage makeup practice is performed in the classroom. Students taking professional makeup, stage makeup or airbrush makeup techniques courses use world-famous brands that will enable students to master all makeup techniques of in the best possible manner.

The Purity Academy has wellness and spa rooms which provide high quality teaching with a wide range of massages. This room is designed for practical work which includes anti-cellulite massage, relaxation massage, massage with hot volcanic stones and other spa treatments.  Wellness and spa rooms have a Finnish dry sauna for relaxation and detoxification because it stimulates sweat and sebaceous glands, and several showers. In addition to the sauna, there is a room for relaxation with deck chairs and pleasant background music.

The most complete training of all those who want to become professional masseurs is conducted in the massage and anti-cellulite treatment classroom. The classroom is equipped with massage beds and all preparations and devices for high quality teaching.  The theory and practical work which includes over 20 different types of massage, anti-cellulite programs, reflexology, cupping therapy are performed in this classroom under the guidance of experts and lecturers. The classroom is esthetically arranged so that it gives a sense of tranquility needed for teaching.

In addition to the courses and programs of study, the Purity Academy has a store which sells a wide range of famous brands. The store sells the entire range of cosmetic products necessary for professional work, including various face creams, masks, face lotion and milk, ampoules, oils and the like. Additionally, the store offers the most popular makeup brands that have been singled out for its longevity and quality along with hair and body care products such as shampoos, hand creams, body lotion, balms, and hair masks. It has a good selection of products to meet all the requirements necessary for starting your own business as an esthetician or a cosmetologist.

Cosmetology is a scientific field that studies the effect, development and application of cosmetics. Accordingly, the applied cosmetology and special facial treatments classroom is equipped to allow students to get familiar with the profession. In the classroom, there are cosmetic tables and chairs, magnifiers, devices such as darsonvala, microdermabrasion apparatus, laser apparatus, apparatus for analyzing the skin, strainers and the like. During all cosmetic procedures, students are required to use white coats, caps, surgical masks and gloves, improving hygiene and quality of teaching as well as their attitude towards work and the client.  The Purity cosmetic, which is manufactured using nanomaterials and is famous for its quality, is used for special face treatments.

This classroom offers to acquire knowledge in the best way. It is used for theory and practical work. Owing to good tools and appliances, students will be able to master all the work techniques to become part of the professional staff which is certainly a good basis for further progress. The classroom is equipped with desks, chairs, lamps, gels as well as with sterilizers and disinfecting products. All trainees and students are provided with resources for practical work. Teachers hold classes on the basis of a program drawn up according to global standards incorporating the latest work methods and approaches.

The hair studio is designed for theory and practical work such as hair styling and dyeing, haircutting, making classic and stylish hairstyles. The studio is equipped with mirrors, chairs, hair styling dolls, hair dryers, brushes, hair care products, and a wide range of hair colors. The Academy uses the latest hair extension (hair to hair) system and has been the first to introduce it in the Balkans. Classes for students as well as for the course attendees are held in the studio. The studio provides high quality teaching with the help of mentoring experts.

The film and special effects makeup classroom contains desks, chairs, mirrors and all the materials necessary for creating a perfect mask. In this classroom, course attendees and students are taught to create the illusion of injury, disease or deformity, as well as using colors to indicate age, gender, and the moods of an actor. The courses are run by highly professional teachers who have extensive experience in this field. The ambient of the classroom enables the implementation of all special effects under the guidance of professional trainers.

The Purity Academy has its own café, which is esthetically decorated thanks to the ideas of our students and their creative work. The Café is generally visited by students and trainees during breaks and many other guests. The Cafe has a very good menu which includes various kinds of coffee, sweets, food and beverages at affordable prices.

The tattoo and piercing studio contains entire tattoo equipment and colors, including the esthetic part which has been designed to make students feel comfortable and professional. The classes are run by the best experts who teach students how to prepare images for the mere act of tattooing, the sterilization process as well as the process of tattooing. The studio contains much equipment and furniture which provides a full picture of a successful tattoo studio. The studio has the latest tattoo equipment and kits which are, along with tattooing techniques, part of the well-designed teaching program. The equipment can be purchased at the store of the Academy.

The Academy provides accommodation for students and training course attendees and reservations can be made at 060 723 78 54.

Accommodation fees for training course attendees and other candidates:

1-5 days 650 RSD a day

6-15 days 600 RSD a day

30 days 12.500 RSD (for a month)

A hostel guest can use the spa center in the hostel from 18:00 to 20:00 for free, and beauty treatments at the Purity Academy of Esthetics and Cosmetology with 50-70% discount. Look at the beauty salon here

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